Edinburgh United Kingdom

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The city of Edinburgh is one of the best places to live and work in the UK! This beautiful and cosmopolitan city, with its many wonderful attractions, makes an immediate and favorable impression on the many visitors who travel here.

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Cork Ireland

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A young, vibrant city with a small community vibe. This is a great city to choose for your first experience abroad.

Home to EazyCity HQ, it's small, easy to get around, people are very friendly and it has a lot to offer both socially and for employment. Check out the Rebel City today!

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Dublin Ireland

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Welcome to Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital city! Dublin is a great choice if you like a busy city with a great live music scene and cultural events.

There is plenty of choice and great value to be had in language courses and the job market is currently good with 60% of Eazy Job Plan clients having found jobs within 4 weeks.

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London United Kingdom

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Welcome to London! The United Kingdom’s capital city is also the largest urban zone in the European Union.

A vibrant metropolis with 8.2 million inhabitants, London has a diverse range of peoples, cultures and religions with more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries!

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Galway Ireland

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Galway, also known as the City of the Tribes, is the fastest growing city in Ireland with over 72,000 inhabitants.

It is a beautiful city with small winding streets and full of atmosphere. It’s also located right by the sea. Almost 10% of the population there speak Gaeilge fluently.

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New York United States

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Discover the largest city in the U.S.! New York is an architectural marvel with plenty of historic monuments, magnificent buildings and countless dazzling skyscrapers.

Besides the architectural delights, New York is an urban jungle that has everything to offer to visitors.

The city is home to numerous museums (such as the MoMA and the Museum of Natural History), green parks, trendy neighbourhoods and worldwide-known shopping streets.

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Valencia Spain

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Spain’s third-largest city is a magnificent place and wonderfully liveable city with thriving cultural, eating and nightlife scenes.

Valencia diverted its flood-prone river to the outskirts of town and converted the former riverbed into a superb green ribbon of park winding right through the city. On it are the strikingly futuristic buildings of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, designed by local boy Santiago Calatrava. 

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Welcome to EazyCity!

EazyCity is the leading agency in the study & work travel industry in Ireland, the UK and soon in the United States.

We consider ourselves your local point of reference when you're arriving in a new city to study, work or just have a good time! We offer all the services you need for accommodation (we manage our own houses and apartments), language courses, translation services, CV Consultation, help in finding a job and more! Our passionate teams are dedicated to making your experience the very best it can be!

EazyCity was founded in 2004 by Enrico Zoppi and Julia Lynes who lead a diverse team of more than 40 employees between Ireland and UK and aim to add another 10 team members by the end of 2016. EazyCity is strongly committed to customer service that is the core of our business philosophy today and for the future. We aim to provide good standard, affordable and flexible solutions to all our clients arriving in a new city - Accommodation, Courses, Jobs, Au Pair, Internships, Tours & More!

We are driven by our passion and desire to anticipate and respond to our clients ever changing needs and we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. We at EazyCity pride ourselves on thinking innovatively but acting in a practical and professional manner at all times.

We strive to make every client’s experience memorable and most importantly with a friendly and personable attitude.

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