EazyCity – Female Leadership & Flexible Work, Pre and Post Pandemic

Written by Marta Ponte

Now into the second year of the pandemic, it seems like at least some of the changes we have seen around work during this period are here forever, especially around expectations on flexible work and women in leadership. We talk to Enrico Zoppi, CEO and Founder of EazyCity and Marta Ponte, Marketing Manager about these key topics.

Female Leadership

EazyCity has been always a proud employer in relation to equal opportunities and empowering women at work. Prior to Covid-19, 20% of the overall workforce were men and 80% women.

Now, after the Pandemic, the company still employs 30% men and 70% women. Leading to an average of ¾ women and ¼ men. Enrico Zoppi, CEO of EazyCity, “We are proud to have so many women in EazyCity and that attention to detail, warmness, strategy, passion, family, positivity and care have been improved and enhanced because of this ratio”.

We are aware of the challenges and we must build our workforce with gender equality in mind. We support women and aim to create more high-trust, inclusive cultures during and after the pandemic.

Flexible Work

According to Deloitte’s last report, “Women @ Work: A global outlook”, through the pandemic, women have taken on more responsibilities at home and at work while not receiving adequate support from their employers. These extra demands on women’s time during the pandemic have come at a huge cost, negatively affecting their mental health and decreasing their aspirations for a better professional future. 

“It is real and it hurts so much. We need to step up and fight against the negative effect that the Pandemic have had in many women around the world. Supporting each other and giving them flexibility to balance the different aspects of their professional and personal lives with a fair salary” Enrico Zoppi states.

At EazyCity, flexibility is one of the company’s core values since 2004 and more than ever today, has a new meaning. Enrico Zoppi, “We want to encourage our team members to make them real and use “flexibility” in whatever ways they think is the best to help them out. From working from home, free working hours planning, decrease of working hours, a program to come back to the office or how to assess people’s productivity at work. We are proud of what we have achieved so far but we don’t want to stop yet, there’s much to do.”

Similarly, Marta Ponte, Marketing Manager for EazyCity comments: “Companies have an opportunity to reset culture and accelerate expectations and policies around flexible work and gender equality at work”. Marta Ponte, “As we come out of the pandemic, how we choose to work will influence our productivity and performance as society and economy.

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