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Introduction Pre-Arrival

Before you embark on your journey with EazyCity, we've curated this space to provide you with essential information, tips, and guidelines to ensure a smooth transition into your new experience abroad. Let's make your arrival as seamless as your stay!
Contact usMake a PaymentAccommodation Agreement

Self-catering Accommodation

  • We confirm the house assigned to you and full address only one week before arrival. We consider preferences but cannot guarantee due to factors like availability.

  • We offer single, double, and twin rooms. Yes, you can book a twin room space. You will be assigned a twin room with the same gender. Our team will help you and assist you during the booking process and on arrival.

  • The Booking Fee is a charge to secure and guarantee a room reservation for a specific duration. This ensures that the selected accommodation is reserved exclusively for the guest for the stipulated time frame.

  • While we ensure that bed linens, a duvet, and a pillow are provided for our guests, it is imperative for guests to bring their own towels and other personal belongings.

  • Upon check-in, we are able to furnish guests with a letter verifying their address for PPS number purposes. However, it's pertinent to note that this service is exclusively available in our Cork and Dublin locations. Kindly forward your request to [email protected] or [email protected] for further assistance.

  • We exclusively provide Landlord Reference letters at our Cork accommodation. For acquisition of this document, we kindly request that you direct your inquiry to [email protected].

  • Should you desire to extend the duration of your stay, please contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience. Do bear in mind that all extensions are contingent upon room availability.

  • We require 4 weeks’ notice for early departure. Upon leaving, your deposit will be returned minus a €50 check-out fee.

  • Bookings for language courses and accommodations are non-refundable. Job Plans, Tours, and Merchandise are also non-refundable except for faulty merchandise. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information. 

  • Cork & Galway - We confirm the house assigned to you and full address only one week before arrival. We consider preferences but cannot guarantee due to factors like availability.
    Dublin we send the address once the full payment has been received.

  • We require 4 weeks’ notice for early departure. Upon leaving, your deposit will be returned minus a €50 check-out fee.
    Dublin - Please note in Dublin this does not apply to Dublin. Refer to your correspondence with our team at the moment of booking.

Homestay Accommodation

  • To obtain the address of your designated host family, please contact our team by sending an email to [email protected]. Our team will promptly provide you with the necessary details.

  • When choosing to stay with a host family, guests have multiple meal provisions to consider. The "half board" option encompasses both breakfast and dinner, while the "full board" option ensures that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Additionally, certain host families are amenable to a "self-catering" arrangement, wherein guests are permitted to use the kitchen facilities to prepare their own meals. It is advisable to communicate your preference at the time of booking to ensure a seamless experience during your stay.

  • The Booking Fee is a charge to secure and guarantee a room reservation for a specific duration. This ensures that the selected accommodation is reserved exclusively for the guest for the stipulated time frame.

  • After we receive your booking fee, we begin locating a suitable family and will inform you about their general area. Once full payment is made, we'll provide the exact address and comprehensive details about the family.

  • While you can express your preferences, we cannot guarantee that they will be met.

  • Should there be any concerns, EazyCity is committed to assisting you. If necessary, we can arrange for you to stay with a different host family.

  • The host will provide laundry service once a week.

Internship Programs

  • Upon receipt of the requisite payment, your updated curriculum vitae, and a list of your three preferred sectors for internship placement, the process generally takes a duration of 4 to 6 weeks for the confirmation of your placement and the subsequent release of the company's particulars.

  • Yes, you are afforded the discretion to decline the assigned company. However, please be informed that you may do so for a maximum of two companies. In this context, we earnestly request your adaptability and cooperation to ensure the most suitable placement.

  • The internships facilitated by EazyCity are unpaid. We believe these internships provide invaluable hands-on experience and industry exposure which can be instrumental for your future career prospects.

  • At the moment, EazyCity is pleased to extend its internship opportunities in two countries, specifically, Ireland and Spain. 

Language Courses

  • Our courses are scheduled to start on every Monday, with the exception being the preparation courses for the Cambridge examination.

  • Indeed, we commit to matching the price in Ireland. However, it is essential that you furnish us with the official quotation from the concerned school to facilitate the price match.

Job Plan

  • We provide tools like CV translation, Cover Letter prep, and market expertise but do not directly find jobs.

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to EazyCity's Terms & Conditions section. As you embark on your journey with us, it's essential to be informed about our policies and expectations. This section provides a clear framework to ensure a smooth experience for both parties. We encourage you to read through these terms carefully.

Your understanding and agreement are pivotal in making your time with EazyCity as seamless as possible.
Let's embark on this journey, the Eazy way!
Terms & Conditions

EazyCity Services

  • Accommodation

    Comfortable stays tailored to your needs abroad.
  • Language Courses

    Dive into new cultures by mastering languages.
  • Internships

    Hands-on experience in global industries awaits.
  • Job Plans

    Navigate your career journey abroad with our strategic guidance.
  • Study Packages

    Accommodation and Language bundles for global learners.
  • Junior Programs

    Cultivate young minds with immersive English learning experiences abroad.

Introduction During the Stay

Navigate your stay with ease. Here, find FAQs to answer common queries, housing agreement, maintenance support for a hassle-free stay, and provide feedback to ensure continuous improvement. Your comfort is our priority.
Feedback on ArrivalPay the Rent

During the Stay

  • Our team is available for any assistance you might require. You can reach us via email at [email protected], or for urgent matters, please contact our Emergency Phone provided upon your arrival.

  • Absolutely. If you encounter any maintenance issues within your accommodation, please fill out the maintenance request form on our website, and our team will address it as soon as possible:

  • Upon check-in, we are able to furnish guests with a letter verifying their address for PPS number purposes. However, it's pertinent to note that this service is exclusively available in our Cork and Dublin locations. Kindly forward your request to [email protected] or [email protected] for further assistance.

  • We provide landlord reference letters, predominantly for those residing in Cork. To avail one, kindly forward your request to [email protected].

  • If you wish to extend your stay with us, please communicate your intention by emailing [email protected]. Please do this well in advance as extensions are contingent on room availability.

  • Yes, all residents are expected to adhere to the EazyCity Housing Rules, Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines, and Sustainable Living principles, which were provided upon your arrival. It's essential to familiarise yourself with these guidelines to ensure a great stay for all residents. You can find them detailed below.

Housing Rules

  • No Parties: Parties are strictly forbidden. Keep noise levels low out of respect for others.
  • No Smoking: Smoking in properties results in a €50 fine. Repeated violations may lead to eviction and loss of the security deposit.
  • Room Changes: Tenants cannot change rooms without EazyCity's permission.
  • Laundry Restrictions: Do not hang clothes on windows or terraces.
  • Wall Decor: Avoid sticking or hanging anything on both internal and external walls.
  • Food Storage: Keep all food and beverages in the kitchen.
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed in EazyCity housing.
  • Key Responsibility: Tenants are responsible for their issued key. Lost keys come with a replacement fee.
  • Illegal Drugs: Possession, usage, or involvement with illegal drugs, including unauthorized prescription drugs, results in eviction, loss of the security deposit, and notification to the authorities. This will also result in dismissal from the program.
  • Behavior: No aggression or violence towards others. Such actions may lead to disciplinary actions or dismissal from the program.
  • Noise Curfew: Adhere to Cork city's quiet hours from 10 pm to 7 am. Avoid loud noises at all times of the day. To minimize noise:
    • Shut doors gently.
    • Remove noisy footwear inside apartments.
    • Stay quiet in shared areas like stairwells.

Always respect your surroundings and fellow residents while staying at EazyCity properties.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • It is the responsibility of each student to keep the house clean. The common areas (kitchen, living room, bathrooms, Corridors etc) must be kept clean at all times. Tenants who do not clean according to their assigned, shared schedule may be fined up to 100€.
  • You are required to permit EazyCity staff members or hired technicians to access your room during daytime hours to fix maintenance issues. In most cases (excluding emergencies) 24-hour advance notice will be given.
  • As a tenant, you are required to report all maintenance issues to EazyCity as quickly as possible after they are noted in the property to allow for swift remedy.
  • An EazyCity staff member has the right to enter the property at any time throughout your stay if deemed necessary for any reason by EazyCity staff. This being said, EazyCity respects your privacy and will enter when you are not home only if absolutely necessary.
Maintenance Report

Sustainable Living with EazyCity: Guidelines for a Greener Stay

EazyCity advocates an eco-friendly approach in all its accommodations. Here's what you need to know about our sustainability policies and waste management:

Energy Conservation:

We encourage a responsible use of resources. Be mindful of your electricity, gas, heating, and water consumption.

In Ireland, it's customary to use heating only when required. If you have personal control over your heating, ensure it's not left on unnecessarily to avoid energy wastage.

Waste Management:

Your rent covers waste collection and water charges.

All tenants play a vital role in waste segregation. Ensure trash is categorized correctly into recycling, general waste, and glass.
Bins must be placed at the designated spot for collection the night before the scheduled pick-up every week. Post-collection, remember to retrieve the bins the same day. Ensure all trash goes inside the bins and not beside them.

Any accumulation of rubbish near the property will incur a €20 fine for each tenant. This is crucial as such build-up could lead to penalties from the City Council or create sanitation issues.

Adhering to these guidelines not only contributes to a better living environment but also supports our commitment to a greener planet. Let's work together to make a difference!

Internship Programs

Guidelines for Professional Conduct

For those embarking on an internship journey, it's essential to understand the professional expectations and etiquette of the workplace. Here are the Rules of Conduct During the Internship to guide you towards a successful experience:

Professional Respect: Treat every employer, coworker, fellow intern, and company tutor with respect, irrespective of their gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Punctuality: Always be on time. If you anticipate being late due to unavoidable reasons, inform your manager promptly. If delays become a pattern, consider adjusting your routine.

Workplace: Keep the shared areas tidy and clean. Ensure your workspace is clean both at the start of your day and its conclusion.

Reporting Absences: If you're unwell, contact your manager directly (a call is preferred over a message). Also, notify the company tutor.

Leaving your work area: If you need to leave your work area, inform your manager. Unexpected absences from your designated space without a valid reason are not allowed.

Language Etiquette: Avoid conversing in your native language with compatriots during work hours. It can be seen as disrespectful and potentially exclusive.

Financial Expectations: Do not request money, wages, or reimbursements unless previously agreed upon in the internship contract or if offered by the company. Honesty and integrity are paramount.

Switching or Quitting: Before considering leaving or changing your internship, discuss with EazyCity and ensure you have a valid reason acknowledged by both the company and EazyCity.

Proactive Attitude: Always be courteous and proactive. If you're uncertain about something, seek clarification. Whenever you finish assigned tasks, approach your supervisor for further instructions.

Dress Code: Adhere to the workplace's dress standards. Each place has its own dress etiquette – from casual to more formal attire.

Show Initiative: As you get accustomed to the workplace, start taking the initiative. If in doubt about any task, don't hesitate to ask or clarify. Being proactive demonstrates responsibility.

Expect the Unexpected: Understand there are great, fun, exciting days and dull, boring, I wish I were outside days. Part of learning to be efficient and adaptable to a new workplace is understanding that you are there to learn, and sometimes this means doing tasks that are not all that exciting. Completing your tasks each day for the duration of your internship is a great introduction to the work world.

Your internship is an invaluable stepping stone into the professional world. By following these guidelines, you'll make the most out of this opportunity.

Introduction After Departure

As your stay with EazyCity comes to a close, we want you to know that our relationship doesn't end at departure. This section is designed to assist you with any post-stay needs, feedback, or even future plans with us. Our commitment to making your experience memorable extends beyond your stay.
Feedback on Departure

Check-Out & Departure

  • Please return the keys to the designated drop-off point at your accommodation or at the EazyCity office, as instructed upon your arrival.

  • Yes, our team will conduct a final inspection to ensure the accommodation is left in good condition. This is crucial for the return of any security deposit.

  • Provided there are no damages or outstanding charges, and after deducting the applicable checkout fee, your security deposit will be refunded within 14 working days after your departure, using the same payment method you used initially.

  • Please inform our team immediately if you realise you've left something behind. While we will do our utmost to retrieve and return your items, EazyCity cannot be held responsible for any lost or forgotten belongings.

  • While you're not required to do a thorough cleaning, we request that you leave the accommodation tidy, remove all personal items, and dispose of any waste.

  • Last-minute extensions are subject to room availability. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact [email protected] immediately, and we'll assist you accordingly.

  • Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions using this link:

  • Yes, failure to adhere to the check-out procedures or causing damage to the property may result in penalties or deductions from your security deposit.

Continue Your Learning Journey with Our Online English Courses

As your incredible experience abroad with EazyCity draws to a close, remember that the path to mastering English doesn't have to end here. With our Online English Courses, you can continue honing your skills from anywhere in the world. 

Dive into immersive lessons and engage with expert instructors, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you're reminiscing about your time abroad or gearing up for future adventures, our digital courses are tailored to keep the momentum going. Why stop now? 

The world is your classroom, and with EazyCity, you can keep learning, growing, and exploring, no matter where you are. Embrace the next chapter of your language journey with us!

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Below you will find a list of common maintenance issues that can occur in our properties. When it comes to all maintenance issues information is important and can help speed up the resolution of the issue so ensure to ask for as much information as possible. Please see below the most common issues;
Washing machine not working

Washing machine not working

What to do?

When a machine stops working there can be a number of issues but the main one is the filter. All washing machines have a filter normally at the bottom right hand corner of the machine and this can be clogged up with everyday items such as coins, hair clips, lint, socks etc. Advise the tenant to unscrew the filter and check if it is empty.

The machine will normally be full of water so advise the tenant to use a dish and towels to catch the excess water. Once the filter is emptied the machine should return to normal. If this does not occur or if the filter was ok to begin with a washing machine specialist will need to be called to service the machine. Contact the landlord/agency of the property with the make and model of the machine and organise this with them.

Washing machine not working

Washing machine not working
Internet has stopped working

Internet has stopped working

What to do?

If the internet stops working the first thing to do is reset the modem. Using a pin or a pen you will find a reset button on the modem; advise the tenant to reset the modem, plug it in out and check has the service resumed. If not arrange for a call to be made to the service provider for further instructions. You will need the account number and name on the account (available in the Property Info File) to speak with an agent and they will advise you further.

Normally the service provider can alter the settings of the signal and this can help also but if not a service call will be needed to service the modem or caballing. Most providers have quick turnaround times so make the call as quick as possible to ensure a fast resolution.

Internet has stopped working

Internet has stopped working
Heating has stopped working

Heating has stopped working

What to do?

There can be many reasons the heating may stop working so you will need as much information as possible. Is it not working throughout the property? Is it working in certain areas of the property and not in others? Is the property gas or electric? Once these have been answered you can proceed. If the boiler for the property is accessible ask the tenants to take a photo of the boiler and send it to you. The most common reason for a  boiler breaking down can be due to low pressure – with the photo you will be able to see if pressure gauge is too low (below 1 and it will normally stop working).

The pressure of the boiler can be topped up easily but it is not recommended that a tenant does this so arrange a house call with your branch manager or property co-ordinator. If the pressure gauge looks ok the landlord will need to be called to inform them that it is not working. They will proceed to have it checked either themselves or by maintenance technician. It is advised that this is reported as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays without heating in the property.

Heating has stopped working

Heating has stopped working
Hot water has stopped working

Hot water has stopped working

What to do?

Ask the tenant where it has stopped working; the shower? sink (kitchen or bathroom)? There can be a number of reasons for the hot water not working. Firstly ensure that the hot water is switched on/meant to be on. Many showers in Ireland are electrical; this means that they must be powered on before they work. Normally there will be a cord hanging in the bathroom that must be pulled to activate the shower unit.

If the hot water comes from the boiler it may be on a timer system. Many boilers have a timer system which means that the hot water will be active during certain periods throughout the day, mainly morning and evening. Check with the Property Co-Ordinator or Branch Manager for further information. If necessary call the landlord and arrange for a service call.

Hot water has stopped working

Hot water has stopped working
Electricity has stopped working

Electricity has stopped working

What to do?

Electricity power is normally divided into 2 sections – plug sockets and lights. Check with the tenants what has stopped working specifically. In all cases ask the tenants to access the electricity fuse board which is normally near the front door of the property on the wall next to the door. Ask them to send you a photo of the board. All buttons should be facing up and the most common issue is that the trip switch has blown which has pushed the switch down. The most common reason for this is a faulty appliance such as a toaster, kettle, microwave, hair dryer, phone/lap-top charger etc.

Ask the tenants to plug out all of these items and push the switch back up. (Before proceeding however, please ensure the tenant is confident and capable to do following – it is standard procedure but if the tenant is uncomfortable a staff member should look after it). If the button stays up then it was one of the plugged out items that caused to blow and this item needs to be replaced. To figure out which item it was plug each one of the plugged items in one by one and when it blows again this will tell you which item is faulty. If it is a standard item that can be replaced by us please organise this. If the fault cannot be diagnosed please call the landlord and arrange for an electrician to perform a service call.

Electricity has stopped working

Electricity has stopped working
Key not working

Key not working

What to do?

Check whether it is a front door key or bedroom key to proceed. Ask the tenant for more information such as has the key broken in the lock? Is it just not working anymore? Ask the tenant for the key details (Basta/Union number etc.) and cross-check with the files to ensure they have the correct key. If the key has broken in the lock, particularly the front door lock, it will need to be checked and rectified as soon as possible so safety/entry reasons.

If the key has broken in the lock you should be able to remove the piece inside the lock with a tweezers. Have the lock checked by the Property Co-Ordinator or landlord to ensure it is ok or arrange to have it changed. If the bedroom lock is damaged arrange for a new lock to be sourced.

Key not working

Key not working
There is a leak in the property

There is a leak in the property

What to do?

Check where the leak is coming from and try to decipher the source. Is it coming from the sink, shower, toilet etc.? What area of the house is it? Is it consistently dripping or only after a certain action such as a shower or when the washing machine is used etc.? Leaks can be quite dangerous as they cause property damage to the flooring or can affect the electricity if water hits the wiring.

If the leak is coming from specific source such as a tap, shower or toilet advise the tenants to stop using it until further notice and contact the Property Co-Ordinator, Branch Manager or landlord to have the issue checked as soon as possible.

There is a leak in the property

There is a leak in the property
Rubbish has not been collected/build-up of rubbish

Rubbish has not been collected/build-up of rubbish

What to do?

If a tenant contacts you regarding a build-up of rubbish please confirm with them that they have presented the correct bin for collection and that they have the correct calendar/rubbish collection procedure in the property (All rubbish collection information can be found in the Property Info File).

Ask the tenant to forward you a photo of the bin area/build-up of rubbish and pass this to the Property Co-Ordinator or Branch Manager so further action can be taken in regards to an extra collection and deposit deduction if necessary.

Rubbish has not been collected/build-up of rubbish

Rubbish has not been collected/build-up of rubbish

EazyCity 24/7 Housing Emergency

In the case of an emergency in your apartment, you can contact EazyCity 24/7.
Emergencies are defined as: fire, flood, gas leak, break-in or any incident which involves the Emergency Services being called.

If you have a serious emergency in your apartment, take the following steps:

  1. Immediately call: 112 or 999 General emergency number.
  2. Once emergency services have been alerted, call the EazyCity Emergency Number: +353 87 925 8106
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