Our Company Beliefs

At heart we’re Big on Family

As a tightknit team of like-minded travel lovers, we see ourselves as one big family all working together for the common good. However, this family-first ethos also extends to our clients whom we regard as our 2nd family when they are living away from home.

Always going places

As an ambitious international ‘live abroad’ agency, we’re always going places. By this, we don’t just mean that we love to travel (that’s a given really!), we mean that as a company we’re all about progressing, developing, and focused on becoming the best ‘live abroad’ agency in the world!

Passionate about life-changing experiences

As a team of live abroad facilitators, it would be a bit odd if we didn’t enjoy life-changing experiences, wouldn’t it? Well, don’t worry, life-changing experiences were what led Julia and Enrico to set up EazyCity in the first place, and it’s still as important as ever to this day.

Always improving

Having started out with two people operating from a really tiny office, 15 years later we’re a team of almost 50 people, working from offices all around the world. But because we really are ‘always improving’, we never rest on our laurels and strive to keep on growing and improving as a company.

Positive and open to change

We believe that working in a positive, happy environment brings out the best in us all; by being positive and always open to change, we know our staff feel valued and motivated to go the extra mile for our customers – because making customers happy makes us feel happy too!

Fairness, like!

A sense of fairness is something that transcends culture; it is the one value that everyone understands, regardless of what language they speak or where they come from. For this reason, we pride ourselves on always treating our team and our customers fairly.

And as for ‘Fairness, Like…’, well this makes sense when said in a strong Cork accent – it’s a nod to our origins in Cork and a belief that we hold and apply across all areas of how EazyCity does business.

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