Pre departure handbook (all information prior to your arrival in Ireland)

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At EazyCity we are following the Government & Public Health guidelines regarding measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as we aim to return to normal trading in the coming weeks. Please go to our covid area.

1) Will you welcome me and help me on arrival?

Of course we will help you and not just on arrival, during your entire stay. Depending on your arrival time/day we normally offer a self check in and assistance over the phone or if you prefer we can also meet you at your property on arrival. Our team is available 24/7 for emercencies and ready to support you with your questions during office houses. We also have a company chat on our website

2) What does your booking fee include?

The booking fee is our agency fee, which is required to book an accommodation with us. We request this fee to cover our admin costs and it includes our support and assistance during your entire stay. The rent can be paid on arrival or prior to your arrival, depending on how you wish to check-in (self check-in or check-in with an EazyCity member).  Our booking fee across all our destinations: Ireland (Cork, Galway and Dublin), in UK (London and Edinburgh) and in Spain (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona).

Download our prices here

3) Do we have to bring towels, bed linen, etc?

EazyCity provides bed linen, a duvet and a pillow. Towels and other personal belongings have to be brought from home.

4) Is the weekly rent the same for every house?

Yes, in each city we charge one standard weekly rate for all our houses. We only request a €10 supplement per week for an ensuite bedroom.

5) Do you have furniture in the room?

All our houses and bedrooms are fully furnished. In the rooms we normally can have a chest of drawers, wardrobe and a bedside table. On request we can provide a desk, included in your weekly price.

6) What's the minimum at the maximum stay?

The minimum stay in our accommodation is two weeks and there is no maximum stay in our own houses. In our rented houses the maximum stay is 8 weeks, however we can easily arrange for you to move to our owned houses after 8 weeks. If you wish to extend your stay we will be more than happy to assist you.

7) Do you provide accommodation allowed minors?

No, unfortunately we don’t host juniors in our accommodation because the minimum age is 18 years old and our accommodation is mostly booked by students and professionals.

However we can accommodate juniors under 18 in our host families and partner residence.

8) Is your accommodation pet friendly?

Unfortunately, our houses are not pet friendly, because some tenants may be allergic to animals. We love pets but we prefer not to host them in our shared accommodation and host family accommodation.

9) Can I book a twin room if I travel by myself?

You can book a single, twin and double room with us. If you travel with a friend or girlfriend there is no problem to book a twin or double room but if you travel alone and you would like to book a twin space due to codiv19 regulations we may not be able to confirm it (before Covid you were able to book it no problem).

Please check with our team who is constantly updated with the current regulations.

10) Can I leave the accommodation when I want, what is the notice period to leave the house?

We are very flexible. We only request 4 weeks notice to leave our accommodation and you will receive your deposit back minus €50 check out fee.

11) How could I get the PPS (Ireland), NIE (Spain), NIN (Uk)

To get the your Identification no.  you will need to provide a letter confirming that you have a job or you are looking for a one, your ID or passport and a proof of address. We can provide to you a proof of address if you are living in one of our shared accommodation. EazyCity can of course assist you on this matter.

12) What is the check-out fee?

The check-out fee is an administration fee.

The check-out fee is 30€ and we will charge this amount from your deposit.


13) Could you guarantee an ensuite room?

We will do our very best to accommodate your request. At times yes we can guarantee it but it will depend on the period of your booking.

14) How many people are living in the house? Are they working in students?

It depends on the house size. All our houses are of a good standard and can accommodation up to 6/8 people. Our guests are mainly students and young workers.

15) Is cleaning included in the rent?

We have our cleaning staff carrying out a deep cleaning once every month. You will be responsible to keep the house / room clean during your stay.

16) Which nationality are the tenants?

Our guests come from all over the world. The properties are always mixed. We don’t split the houses for nationality or gender.

17) Can I bring friends to the house?

Of course you can but out of respect we ask you to check with your house mates. Overnight guests are not allowed. For relatives visiting please always ask our staff first.

18) How old are the people living in the house?

Our guests vary  between 18 and 38 years old.

19) Are the bedrooms locked with a key?

Yes, all bedrooms have a key.

Any other questions?

Please contact us via chat, email or by phone. We are happy to help you 😉

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