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Work and Study in Valencia: discover Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. A city in which ancient and modern architecture coexist seamlessly, Valencia has got what it takes to ensure anyone who visits it is satisfied and to become the ideal city to live in if wanting to move to Spain. 

Indeed, Valencia is currently the most popular city in the country to live, work and study in. With the help of EazyCity you can find shared accommodation in the city center and rely on our experts to find the best internships in Spain or find spanish language courses in Valencia.

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Study in Valencia: learning Spanish in Spain

Valencia is the ideal destination for people who want to experience living abroad and want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Traveling is a great way to experience new things and to form new friendships with people from all over the world. With the help of EazyCity you can make that happen! We collaborate with one of many accredited schools in Valencia to offer great Spanish language courses. 

Our language courses in Valencia are available at different levels and the course duration can be customised based on your specific needs. To help you overcome the difficulty of finding accommodation, EazyCity offers Study Packages which are the perfect option for those who want to move to Valencia without living the worrisome stage of finding accommodation while there. Studying in Valencia is a great way to put theory to practice and really submerge yourself into the Spanish language and culture. 

Work in Valencia: how to enter the Spanish work environment

Valencia is the perfect city to live in while in Spain; indeed, many foreigners choose it for their experience abroad. EazyCity offers Job Plans in Valencia which ensure our team’s support in preparing and finalising the necessary documentation to obtain the NIE (Nùmero de Identidad Extranjero), which is essential to work in Spain. With our help, the process of getting to work for a local company will be easier and faster. 

Work and Study in Valencia: what to visit while living there

Valencia has many attractions and specialties to offer! Famous for its renowned Paella, Valencia is host to many authentic spots in which you can enjoy this dish as well as attending cooking classes that include Paella and the tradition behind it. 

Valencia provides sites like the Old Roman City and the futuristic styled buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences. Moreover, it is famous for Las Fallas which is an annual celebration of the coming of Spring. You can contribute to the celebrations and enjoy Fallas Museum tours all year round, however the festival begins each year on the 15th of March and finishes with the burning of the sculptures on the 19th of March. Other enjoyable attractions include the Oceanographic, the biggest aquarium in Europe; it’s home to many marine inhabitants, including penguins, whales and sharks. 

Valencia is a continuously growing city that attracts millions of tourists each year. It’s a great location for people who want to travel abroad and immerse themselves in different cultural realities which are both interesting and exciting! 

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