Our Price Match Promise


Want to experience studying abroad but don’t know if you can afford it?
Here at EazyCity, our unique “Price Match Promise” means we will ALWAYS offer the lowest price; in other words, we won’t be beaten on price when it comes to meeting your study and ‘live abroad’ needs.

What is our ‘price match promise’?

It’s very simple: if you find a better price for your language course than the price provided by us, our price promise means WE WILL MATCH IT!

How do we do it?
As one of the leading ‘live abroad agencies’ with 15 years’ experience already under our belt, we work with only the best language school providers around the world.

So… what does this mean?Because we collaborate with our language school partners on an on-going basis, we trust them to provide a first-class service to our students every time. But also, because we help to sustain their businesses with regular clients, we can secure the best possible prices that other less established agencies cannot.

4 great benefits:

  1. Get an unforgettable experience at amazing prices
  2. Receive package deals on accommodation, courses, tours, cultural activities and much more!
  3. Get best-quality tuition from the very best language schools on the market
  4. Find a better offer and we will match it!

Do you need help finding the perfect program?
We will do all that work for you. It is free!