EazyCity Gives Back

There is nothing quite like travelling to broaden the mind, understand how other peoples and cultures live, and experience the inequalities that exist in our shared world.

Our company resulted from the extensive travel experiences of our two founders, Julia and Enrico; having returned to Ireland after travelling the world, their experiences taught them that countries are based on people and a sense of community.

But you know what else? They learned that very often, the poorest communities have the strongest community structures, the greatest sense of togetherness, and a deeper appreciation for what really matters.

For all of us at EazyCity, giving back is just as important as receiving; we appreciate that we’re fortunate to have seen the world and we love doing our bit to help make it better for everyone by doing lots of small but positive things:

  • Recognise the importance of community
  • Commit to making the world a place better
  • Show gratitude for the experiences we are fortunate to have while we are abroad
  • Make a positive impact on others
  • Believe that ‘every little helps’
  • Know that every small thing we do to help others is deeply appreciated

How do we do contribute?

Because at heart, we are big on family, we contribute to a wide range of charitable causes that are important for the communities in which we work, live, and play.

To date, we have contributed to the following campaigns, for example:

  • Penneys ‘Dinner during Christmas’ campaign
  • ‘Daffodil Day’
  • Give Blood
  • Volunteer Dublin City
  • Meningitis Awareness Week ‘Shine A Light’

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