About us

“Inclusive, innovative, and committed to becoming the world’s leading overseas travel agency….”

EazyCity was co-founded by two friends, Julia Lynes and Enrico Zoppi, back in 2004.

How? Well, having spent a number of years travelling the world, or at least quite a lot of it, they realised that travelling/working/living abroad was a lot more difficult than it needed to be. This simple realisation prompted them to find a solution – and hey presto, EazyCity was born!

Since those early days, when the business was a small two-person business run from a tiny (and we mean tiny) office in Cork, EazyCity has grown to become a leading international live abroad agency with almost 50 employees forming the EazyCity team, operating across different offices in Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy and (coming soon) the USA too.
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Travel and business – like two peas in a pod!

Even still, to this very day, Julia and Enrico put their continuous business success down to the incredible life experience they got from travelling, working and living abroad.

Why? Because at every stage of their EazyCity journey to date, they realised that travel and entrepreneurship have a huge amount in common:

Bravery, curiosity, perseverance, an understanding of people, bucket-loads of drive, an ability to make good decisions…not to mention a strong sense of adventure!

Our ethos and purpose

We know our customers are ‘young-at-heart’ people who are looking to move abroad for a variety of different reasons.

But whatever your situation or unique set of circumstances, taking the plunge and doing it always takes a lot of courage; that’s why the EazyCity team is 100% committed to making the travel abroad experience waaay more fun, faaar more straightforward, and a hundred times less stressful for everyone.

How do we do it? By living up to (as well as really living) our values and our objectives as a company:

  1. Since every member of the EazyCity team (yes, every single one) has lived (or is currently living) abroad, we know exactly how it feels to move to a new city and country; lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.
    We’re a young team, made of people who at one point decided to change their lives and move abroad. We’re aware of how important these experiences are, of the impact they can have and the sole fact that they will change our lives forever!

  2. We want you to see the EazyCity team as a second family when you’re living away from home: this guarantees that even if you travel abroad on your own, you’ll never feel alone

  3. Because our ambition is to become the undisputed #1 ‘live abroad agency’ in the world, you’ll never find us resting on our laurels and thinking our work is done…far from it! We’re constantly striving to develop new products and services that we know will make your travel / study / work / live abroad experience the best it can be

Our Team

Julia Lynes
Co-Founder and Director
Costanza Lopez
Head of International Programs
Enrico Zoppi
Co-Founder and Director
Nicoletta Marchionne
Business Development Manager & Partnership
Beatriz Grande
Accounts Administrator
Karen Brosnahan
Rent and Securities Administrator
Troy Spillane
Assistant Branch Manager
Nerea Arnal
Sales Team Leader
Noelia Cordero
Reservation Agent
Davide Del Gatto
Senior Web Developer
Marta Ponte
Marketing Department
Rachel McCourt
Group Coordinator
Jaimee Deschamps
Internships & Groups Manager
Elena Ghilardi
Internships & Groups Coordinator
Cristina Martinescu
Student Officer
Julio Nascimento
International Student Officer
Marta Pulcini
Internships & Groups Officer
Nicole Pivetta
International Student Officer
María Castelló
International Student Officer
Merveil Baki
International Student Officer