Waat’s Happening?

Here at EazyCity we’re always plotting, planning and developing even more services for our customers, to make the ‘live abroad’ experience better, easier, and more hassle-free!

Right now though, our big news is that our brand-new website is finally live! As we’ve built developed this with user experience (i.e you!) 100% in mind, we believe it will provide you with a much better all-round experience – and will signpost you to the areas of interest to you in just a few clicks!

Super Summer Promo in Cork

Summer promo 2024 T&C: TO BOOK: Send an email to [email protected] or whatsapp Tel. +353831046506 MAKE PAYMENT

Minimum Wage Ireland 2024

An increase of more than 12% in the minimum wage has been approved from January 1st 2024, more than twice the predicted rate of inflation for 2023. The increase of €1.40 an hour on the current rate of €11.30, taking it to €12.70 per hours, will mean someone on the minimum wage who works a 39 hour week would earn […]

EazyCity meets Spanish Ambassador to Germany. New Spanish expansion!

We're thrilled to share a highlight from #icef2023 in Berlin that truly stands out: our EazyCity team had the opportunity to meet the Spanish Ambassador to Germany. It was a proud and significant moment for us. The evening unfolded in the stunning setting of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin, filled with great conversations amongst colleagues and international partners of our language study […]

Letter from a student about his experience in Ireland

Hello Enrico, First of all, I would like to start by thanking you and your agency for this fantastic adventure I am experiencing this month in Ireland. I still remember when, about three months ago, I was offered this opportunity among the school desks, and how I didn't think twice before deciding to seize it. I immediately felt that this […]

Embracing Diversity: Tips for Inclusion and Intercultural Communication

Diversity is an essential aspect of our world. It encompasses differences in ethnicity, culture, language, religion, and more. As young students, you have the opportunity to embrace and learn from diversity, making you better equipped for a globalised society. Here are some tips for inclusion and intercultural communication to help you thrive in diverse environments: Be curious and open-minded The […]

Business Emails and Communication

Watch this video to learn how to properly write a business email and how to communicate effectively.
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