Waat’s Happening?

Here at EazyCity we’re always plotting, planning and developing even more services for our customers, to make the ‘live abroad’ experience better, easier, and more hassle-free!

Right now though, our big news is that our brand-new website is finally live! As we’ve built developed this with user experience (i.e you!) 100% in mind, we believe it will provide you with a much better all-round experience – and will signpost you to the areas of interest to you in just a few clicks!

Internship Abroad Certificate by EazyCity

We all know that a study or work abroad experience is very enriching but above all life changing. On top of all the new skills you will develop while abroad we really believe that every experience abroad makes you stronger as a person and offers you plenty of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Your Certificate All our students and […]

Tips for responsible energy consumption

In the past 12 months we have experienced unprecedented increases in energy prices and with more increases set to be announced in the coming weeks. In Ireland we have seen on average an 87% increase in the price of gas & electricity since 2021. Our aim at EazyCity is to share with you some good tips for responsible energy consumption and avoid the waste of […]

The global literacy rate currently stands at 87%, up from 12% in 1820.

Globally today, there are almost 800 million people who have little or no access to education. Adults and children who do not have basic literary skills. Back in 1820, the world's population from secondary school age onward had a literacy rate of only 12%, according to The World Bank. In 1900, it exceeded 20%. From the 1950s on, world literacy […]

Study Travel. A whirlwind of emotions.

What are the emotions we experience when we go abroad to study? When I travelled to Ireland to study English in my early 20s, for sure I experienced curiosity, excitement, anxiety, fear, happiness, freedom. I started feeling alive the moment I planed the trip to Dublin. Now that I am no longer a student and I co founded EazyCity I […]

Felice Veneziani Scholarship sponsored by EazyCity

The "Felice Veneziani Scholarship" is proudly sponsored by the EazyCity. EazyCity was founded in 2004 in Cork (Ireland). Today the company operates throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the United States. A group that today welcomes around five thousand students and young professionals every year. Felice Veneziani, born in Ferrara in 1914, is the grandfather of the co-founder […]

EazyCity 18th birthday (2004 - 2022)

Eighteen years of EazyCity, wow! We only started celebrating our company anniversary from our 5th year in business. We did not celebrate our 1st year, probably because we were so busy building the company that we didn't think it was important, or may be we didn't expect to last more than a few years. Julia and I started this business […]
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