Waat’s Happening?

Here at EazyCity we’re always plotting, planning and developing even more services for our customers, to make the ‘live abroad’ experience better, easier, and more hassle-free!

Right now though, our big news is that our brand-new website is finally live! As we’ve built developed this with user experience (i.e you!) 100% in mind, we believe it will provide you with a much better all-round experience – and will signpost you to the areas of interest to you in just a few clicks!

Inclusion, Diversity and Uniqueness

Here at EazyCity we strongly believe in inclusion, in freedom of speech and most importantly we believe in the freedom to be whoever we want to be. Watching Madame Drusilla Foer, the charming and cultured artist (alter ego of Gianluca Gori) giving an incredible speech about inclusion from the stage of the 72° Edition of Sanremo Festival - the most […]

Ireland minimum hourly rate will become €10.50 on 1 January 2022.

The Irish Government allows an extra 30 cents compared to 2021 which brings the minimum national wage to €10.50 per hour. Category of Employee Hourly Rate Aged 20 and over €10.50 Under 18 €7.35 Aged 18 €8.40 Aged 19 €9.45

Global English Language 2020 stats

The pandemic has affected our Study Travel Industry. In 2020 all destinations experiencing a decline in the value of their English Language Travel business of between 51 and 81%. Overall the US dollar value of the industry decreased by US$5,534,277,684 between 2019 and 2020 with some destinations expecting greater losses in 2021. Please find below a few stats from the […]

Learn more about our world! Test your worldview knowledge!

At EazyCity we care a lot about the world and we believe that it's very important to know the facts about the following topics: Global Warming Global Hunger Girls Schooling Gender Equality Farmers Income Economic Growth and much more Every year our team is involved in a charity / environment project. We love playing a part and give our tiny […]

Our new 2022 EazyCity Destination Brochure

We are very happy to share our new 2022 Destination Brochure. In our destination list we have added Florence, Italy. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE to discover all our destinations!

Special Offer - 4 Weeks English Course for the price of 3

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now we are so happy to start promoting face to face English Classes!!! We are delighted to offer 4 weeks of English Course in Cork for the price of 3 weeks! No school booking fee. Please contact us: [email protected] or contact us via chat 😉
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