EazyCity 18th birthday (2004 - 2022)

Written by Enrico Zoppi

Eighteen years of EazyCity, wow! We only started celebrating our company anniversary from our 5th year in business. We did not celebrate our 1st year, probably because we were so busy building the company that we didn't think it was important, or may be we didn't expect to last more than a few years.

Julia and I started this business to essentially make life "eazy" for students looking for a house, a job or a language course in Cork, where it all began. We absolutely loved opening other branches in Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy and US. So far helping students and young professionals to settle into a new country has been very rewarding and fun. Over the years we met so many interesting people from pretty much all over the world. Since 2004 we welcomed people from over 60 different nationalities.

This year's anniversary is special because we had two difficult years because of the pandemic. We feel very fortunate to have a fantastic team and to still have the same passion for this great industry.

Happy Birthday to us!

Enrico Zoppi & Julia Lynes

EazyCity Founders

Meet the team

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