Where and how to organise a PCR test in Ireland – Easier and more affordable than what you think!

Written by Marta Ponte

In terms of travel to Europe in the near future, the PCR tests are pretty much a “must” for each trip. We want to guide you on how to organise your PCR test in Ireland – hassle free!

Before starting, please note some important information while travelling to Ireland during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Recommendations before travelling

  • We recommend you to double-check the travel restrictions and recommendation in both your home country and Ireland, before organising your trip and before arrival.
    Requirements change very quickly nowadays, and it is important to be on top of the information.
    Please note some countries also ask for a negative PCR test before departure.
    In Ireland, it is important you understand if your country/state is on the “Mandatory Hotel Quarantine List”. If so, you will be asked to quarantine for 2 weeks in a designated hotel. See more details on Government website here.
  • If your country/state is not on the list above, then you will be asked to quarantine for 2 weeks at your given address in Ireland. You can also take a PCR 5 days after arrival in Ireland which could end your quarantine earlier – and here is where we can help!
  • Please visit COVID-19 Travel Advice on Governments Official Website here.

Where to take a PCR test in Ireland

PCR tests are now available in several centres nationwide. Below, we have selected the most popular centres based on location, availability and price. All the centres use certified labs.

Before visiting any testing centre, please remember if you are feeling unwell and you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 you must start self-isolating and contact a local GP by phone.

Randox Health Travel Centre

  • Dublin Airport and Cork City.
  • PCR test - Antigens only in Dublin

Express PCR test €89 with results the next day. Please note that if you are travelling, there is an option where you can insert all the details (such as Passport number or Date of Birth) to be displayed on the certificate.  

They often have good availability in all of their centres and but it is always recommended book in advance. However, it is possible to get an appointment on the same date depending on availability.

All appointments can be booked online – easy and fast! They also have a FAQ section on their website – very helpful on those days when we are full of questions!

Boots Pharmacies

  • All over Ireland – Cork, Dublin, Galway, Donegal, Kildare, Meath, Offaly and Waterford
  • PCR test

Since Christmas last year, Boots Pharmacies are taking appointments for PCR tests. You can just make an appointment on their website and choose the location of the pharmacy (2 pharmacies in Cork and 2 in Dublin). Their customer service is very good as well, so you might receive a call after the booking to confirm all the details and remind you the safety measures.

The price of the PCR test is €139 per test.

A very good reason to book your appointment with them is that the Pharmacies are located in the City Centre, so this can save you all the hassle to figure out a new transport route.

Phelans Pharmacies

  • Cork and Dublin
  • PCR, Same day PCR and Antigens

Phelans Pharmacies also offer a PCR test service, the test costs €139 with results be in 24 to 36 hours after the test. They also have a same day results in Carrigaline, Cork. They also offer an Antigen test from €59.

You can take the test at most Phelans pharmacies, please check their website for more details on locations and tests.

My Cork GP

  • PCR test
  • Douglas Village, Cork

This medical centre, located in Douglas Village in Cork, offers a PCR test solution for €175. Results are usually provided within a day. However, the test period is only between 8.00am and 8.45am Monday to Friday.


  • Having personally travelled to Ireland during the Pandemic, I highly recommend booking your PCR test in advance. Just for your peace of mind, it is one thing less to take care of while planning your trip.
  • Make sure, if you are travelling or just arrive in Ireland and want to get a test, you must book a PCR test. Any other type of test is not valid according to current requirements.
  • If you don’t drive and want to restrict the use of public transport, any test centre located in the city centre is probably the best choice – you can just walk!
  • Before boarding on the plane/ferry, you will be asked to present your Locator Form PDF. You can complete it online before starting your trip.
  • While travelling, please have always your Locator Form, Passport and PCR result on hand – you can be asked to show it at different times.

Travel experience is now different but if you plan in advance, your PCR is really helpful and more affordable – as you will avoid booking the only available centre and instead you could make a decision based on your budget too.

If you are travelling to work or study in Ireland and need to find an accommodation, EazyCity is now offering a FREE QUARANTINE PACKAGE:

  • 1-week free accommodation
  • 1 free PCR test 5 days after arrival (value at €89)
  • 1-week Online English Course! See full conditions here

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