Junior Programs in Valencia

We provide a wide range of junior programs for children (aged 4-9 years) and young adults (aged 10-17 years) in Valencia with the aim of helping your kids improve their skills and master the second language they’ve chosen both effectively and efficiently. 

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What do our junior programs include in Spain?

The Junior Programs we offer include a range of services such as:

  • Accommodation abroad: homestay or residence accommodation
  • A combination of language lessons in the mornings, with sporting and cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings
  • Local, native, fully-qualified teachers
  • Certification at the end of the course
  • High-quality, fully accredited language schools
  • Afternoon activities consisting of visits to venues of cultural and historical interest
  • Evening activities including ‘discos’, karaoke nights and bingo
  • Group Trips
  • Monitoring through the entire program
  • Chance of practising English, Spanish or French in many different situations

Do you need help finding the perfect program?
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