Here at EazyCity we strongly believe in inclusion, in freedom of speech and most importantly we believe in the freedom to be whoever we want to be.

Watching Madame Drusilla Foer, the charming and cultured artist (alter ego of Gianluca Gori) giving an incredible speech about inclusion from the stage of the 72° Edition of Sanremo Festival - the most important Italian music event, reminded us how vital it is to be ourselves, without any "masks" to please society. The main message was to listen to people with an open mind, without prejudice.

Drusilla Foer (alter ego of Gianluca Gori)

We would like to share Drusilla's speech:

"Diversity is a word that I don't like, it has something comparative and a distance that doesn't convince me.
I find that words are like lovers: when they no longer work, they must be changed immediately.
I looked for a term that could replace such an incomplete word. And I found it: Uniqueness.
I like it, it's a word that everyone likes. We all think we are unique.
Easy? Not at all.

We need to understand what our uniqueness is made up of, what we are made of.
Beautiful things. The ambitions, the values, the convictions, the talents. But the talents must be trained, followed. We must have responsibility for our own convictions. We must take care of our own strength. It's not that easy.

Getting in touch with one's uniqueness is a crazy job. How do you do it?

I would have a way. All the things that live inside us we take them by our hands.
The take beautiful ones and the ones we think are ugly and we lift them by our hands. They rise together with us, in the purity of the air, in the freedom of the wind, in the light of the sun, in a big loving embrace and we cry: "What a beauty, I am all these things!".

It will be crazy cool. And it will be great to embrace our uniqueness. Let's try the greatest revolutionary act that can be done today, which is listening. Listen to others, listen to the uniqueness.

Let our thoughts flow freely without prejudice, shame, and let us free ourselves from the imprisonment of stillness."

Since 2004 we welcome students and young professionals from all over the world. In the last 18 years we interacted on a daily basis with people from different nationalities and cultures. We counted more than 60 different nationalities. We feel very privileged and proud to organise the study & work experience for all our clients but the main thing is that in these two decades we have learned so much from all our clients though their stories.