Partners Terms & Conditions

EazyCity Partners Terms & Conditions

For updated agents rates, please refer to our prices lists below:

EazyCity Ltd agrees:

  1. To act dutifully, honestly, legally and in good faith in its dealings with the Agent.
  2. To confirm all bookings by e-mail and to guarantee accommodation and further services as per booking email.
  3. To assist the student during his/her stay and to resolve any issues which may arise as quickly as possible.
  4. To assist the Agent in attracting clients by providing marketing materials where necessary.
  5. To respond by e-mail or telephone to any enquiry/reservation from the Agent within 48 working hours.
  6. Due to the volatile nature of the property market, EazyCity reserves the right to increase its accommodation rates with 30 days written notice to the Agent. EazyCity endeavours to make all reasonable effort to avoid accommodation price increases outside of the annual price review.
  7. EazyCity has the right to apply special offers and special rates to individual / website clients at the company’s discretion.
  8. EazyCity’s decision in all matters relating to the provision of its programs and services remains final.

The Agent agrees:

  1. To perform its activities under this Agreement carefully and to act honestly, lawfully and in good faith.
  2. To review in detail the contents of this agreement.
  3. Please note bookings cannot be accepted by EazyCity local teams unless partnership agreements are signed.
  4. To provide clear and accurate information to all clients on EazyCity programs including but not limited to accommodation services.
  5. If a client complaint arises due to inaccurate information provided by the Agent, EazyCity will not be liable and will forward the matter to the Agent to be dealt with immediately.
  6. To charge the client the agreed price as per agreement unless a different price is pre-authorized by EazyCity to the Agent.
  7. To send the clients details, room type, arrival date, check out date, confirmation of further EazyCity services required and any special requirements via e-mail in order to confirm a booking.
  8. If booking is for a group please ensure all information is as above.
  9. To provide EazyCity with accurate and timely arrival and contact information for all clients. Please note this is required to ensure all information at time of booking is on our system.
  10. To provide clients with EazyCity emergency phone number specific to the city of arrival. All information can be obtained from the specific EazyCity local team.
  11. CONFIDENTIALITY: EazyCity and all employees of EazyCity, as well as our Agents, shall maintain confidentiality in relation to information obtained through or as a result of business dealings between the two parties, including this agreement.
  12. NON-SOLICITATION: Agent will not make separate referral arrangements with but not limited to EazyCity’s host families, internships host companies, area representatives, schools, employees and other third-party service providers.
  13. INDEMNIFICATION - Agent agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless EazyCity from any and all obligations, responsibility, culpability, liability and/or claims of damage or harm to person or property, deprivations or impairment of individual rights, injury, loss, expenses or death that result from the participation of said Agent’s client in an EazyCity program including but not limited to educational course, accommodation, internship, seminar or excursion, which may involve but are not limited to acts of God, illness, local laws and restrictions, terrorism, crime, political or social unrest, acts of war, accidents, assaults or strikes.
    Agents should be fully aware of the terms and conditions each client is required to agree to by signature on check-in to EazyCity accommodation.
    Please note that in the case of an assault by an Agent’s client EazyCity will take the necessary action including but not limited to removing the Agent’s client from the EazyCity program and/or accommodation without delay. EazyCity may also report the incident to local police. EazyCity will make all reasonable efforts to inform the Agent at the earliest stage should their client be involved in an incident. Following on from the first steps of dealing with the matter, EazyCity will prepare a full incident report, a copy of which will be provided to the Agent for their records.
    In the case where an Agent’s client is removed from the program and/or accommodation due to an assault committed by him/her or any other serious breach of our terms and conditions, no refunds will apply and EazyCity will not be responsible to find an alternative solution for the client including accommodation.
    Please note that these terms extend to any third-party providers that EazyCity may contract from time to time to provide services as part of its programs.
  14. TRAVEL, HEALTH and LIABILITY INSURANCE: Agents are responsible for ensuring that your client have purchased adequate insurance prior his Commencement Date, sufficient to cover him for the duration of the Program and to cover his liabilities under this Agreement including, without limitation, travel, health, medical and accident insurance, and liability in the work place.
    EazyCity has a partnership with Dr. Walter Insurance , in case you need to purchase insurance for your clients please make sure you contact our staff in advance
  15. DEPOSIT AND CHECK OUT FEE: All clients will be required to pay a security deposit as per fees above must be paid not later than 14 days prior to arrival which will be refunded after the check out check-out ( in Ireland 50€ check-out fee will be deducted). Our team will contact your client prior to arrival and send instructions to make the payment of deposit online.
    At the end of the clients’ stay the deposit will be refunded ( Less a 50€ check-out fee, in Ireland) provided the accommodation is in a satisfactory condition.
    All clients will be required to pay their security deposit by credit card or bank transfer. Please note refunds via bank transfer / credit card are processed once a week by the EazyCity Accounts Dept. Please be advised that it can take up to 21 days from the date of check out to receive your deposit.
  16. ENERGY SUPPLEMENT FEE (Cork only): This fee of €50 is a contribution to bills, paid every 4 weeks. It will be either deducted directly from the deposit or invoiced to you.
    AGE LIMIT: Self-catering accommodation is available for clients aged 18+, Host Family accommodation is available for clients aged 16+, we have a limited number of host families for underage please check availability before.

Payment Terms, Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy


  1. All invoices related to accommodation only are issued a minimum 4 weeks in advance by the EazyCity Finance Dept. Payment, for all invoices must be received in full not later than 4 weeks in advance of the client's check-in date. Payment not received within the agreed time frame may result in the client(s) booking being cancelled.
  2. All invoices related to internship services will be issued within 1 week of the booking confirmation (acceptance) and must be paid within one week on receipt of same. Note due date will be on the invoice for your attention.
    • To confirm the payment of the 1st installment (50% of the total internship fee) will be required.
    • The 2nd installment (50% of the total internship fee) will be required when internship placement will be confirmed.
  3. Subject to the volume of bookings in a given month EazyCity Finance Dept. may request an additional payment to ensure balance on account remains at an acceptable level. During peak periods for accommodation bookings EazyCity reserves the right to request an advance payment if an Agent has more bookings for that period.
  4. EazyCity Finance Dept. will follow up on late payments via email and phone. If payment is not settled within an acceptable timeframe, new bookings will be suspended by EazyCity, upcoming arrivals will be cancelled and clients of the Agent already accommodated at that time may be required to vacate the accommodation.
  5. The Agent is requested to adhere to payment plan / dates as set out by this 2022/2023 agreement and enforced by the EazyCity Finance Dept.
  6. If the client extends stay as individual after their stay as a client of the Agent an additional deposit is required as per advertised website rates and individual rates will be applied as per advertised rates.
  7. Advance notice is required before checking out; the notice required 28 days (4 weeks); checking out without providing the adequate advance notice will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit paid on arrival.
  8. All stays are minimum 4 weeks and all invoices will be issued for this time period (reduction in minimum stay cannot be granted).
  9. Payment by cheque will not be accepted. All money transfer/credit card fees must be paid by the Agent. Wire transfers should be made to the specific bank account as per invoice.
  10. REFUNDS - Where bookings are cancelled outside of the cancellation period all fees will apply as per our Cancellation Policy. Under certain circumstances EazyCity will consider refunding partial or full fees to the Agent by way of a credit note only. EazyCity does not issue cash or money transfer refunds. Please note that once a client has commenced his/her program with EazyCity including accommodation services no refunds will apply.
  11. ACCOMMODATION SERVICES CANCELLATIONS - Please note that accommodation bookings are not refundable
    • Accommodation bookings should be cancelled not less than 4 weeks before the arrival date. Cancellation of accommodation bookings less than 4 weeks before the arrival date will incur payment in full of the booking fee and 4 weeks of rent per person. Cancellation of accommodation bookings more than 4 weeks in advance of the arrival date will result in the forfeiture of the booking fee and a credit note will be issued to the Agent for the rent paid which can be used against future bookings.
    • During peak periods or for group accommodation EazyCity reserves the right to request an advance payment in order to confirm the booking. For large group bookings EazyCity reserves the right to apply extra booking terms and conditions in addition to those listed in the standard agreement.
    • Twin/double and triple room bookings are for people traveling together and on the same dates
    • If you wish to change a check-in date for an accommodation booking, please note this is subject to availability. If you change your client’s check-in date less than 28 days before arrival you will be required to pay for the accommodation from the original check-in date. EazyCity does not charge any date change fees.
    • Where bookings are cancelled outside of the cancellation period all fees will apply as per our Cancellation Policy above
    • Please note that once a client has commenced his/her program with EazyCity including accommodation services no refunds will apply.
    • Advance notice is required to change the check-out date; the notice required 28 days; If a client will be checking out earlier and adequate advance notice will be given, EazyCity will issue to the agent a credit note for the extra weeks of rent paid. Checking out without providing the adequate advance notice will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit paid on arrival
    • It is responsibility of the applicant to certify that the information given in the Application Form and CV are correct and to acknowledge that any false information may lead to the cancellation of their internship placement.
    • Any other requirements outside of what is stated on the application form will not be guaranteed.
    • Once the application has been submitted and the deposit paid, we will not accept changes to the requirements. In this case EazyCity has full rights to reject the further search of the internship and it will be considered a voluntary withdrawal.
    • The period from the moment of payment of the 1st installment to the end of the deadline mentioned on the application form is considered as the placement search time/matching process. Any request to cancel the service will be considered as a voluntary withdrawal.
    • EazyCity will contact the applicants with an internship placement proposal according to their request. If the applicant refuses EazyCity’s proposal, of fails the interview with a host company, EazyCity will look for another company up to 3 offers in total.
    • All applicants must be available for a skype/phone interview with EazyCity staff and with the host company when required. The interview will be held in the main language spoken in the country where the host company is located. If the internship proposal will be compromised due to the lack of communication, availability of late response of the candidate, that would be considered a voluntary withdrawal
    • The student will receive a description of the position before the interview with the host company, but specific tasks and other information related to the placement during the interview. Rejecting an interview with a fitting company without a proper reason is considered as a voluntary withdrawal.
    • All information included in our proposal is confidential information and shall not be passed on to third parties.
    • The payment of the total fee shall be done within 1 weeks after the confirmation e-mail is sent
    • The 1st installment is refundable only in case EazyCity can’t find an internship which meets candidate’s requirements described in the application form. The 1st installment is not refundable in any other case.
      In the unlikely event that EazyCity is unable to source the internship a credit note will be issued by our Finance Dept.
    • In case of voluntary withdrawal, the 1st installment is not refundable.
    • It is the agent’s responsibility to inform about the requirements of the university on the application form. If a placement fitting to requirements described in the application form is provided and the university rejects it, we are not liable; therefore, it is considered a voluntary withdrawal.
    • If the client cancels after an internship placement is confirmed and the balance has been paid, there will be no refund of fees.
    • If a client cancels once EazyCity has started the process of sourcing an internship the 1st instalment will be retained.
    • If a client cancels after an internship placement is confirmed there will be no refund of fees. (a credit note can be issued subject to review of the circumstances and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis by EazyCity)
    • If the client is late in arriving for a Program or decides to leave before the Program has finished of his / her own volition, no refund of fees will be issued.
      Any and all events, group activities, excursions or trips organized as part of the program are non-refundable.
    • If during the course of the application, enrolment or placement process we determine in our sole discretion that the client is not fully co-operating we reserve the right to cancel participation in the Program and retain total fees. If during the course of the application or placement process we discover information that the client has provided to us is inaccurate or untruthful, we reserve the right to cancel the participation in the Program and retain the total fees.
    • If the client fails to attend all or part of a Program, we will not make any refund of fees paid.
  • DATA PROTECTION: EazyCity needs to gather and use certain information about individuals.
    These can include can include customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact.
    EazyCity implemented it’s GDPR policy on 24th of May 2018 and this policy was reviewed on the 22nd of May 2019.
    EazyCity complies with data protection laws and follows best practice.
    The rights of customers, partner agents and staff are protected at all times and processes are in place to protect EazyCity from the risk of data breaches.
    The GDPR policy applies to:

    • The head office of EazyCity Ltd
    • All branches of EazyCity Ltd
    • All staff of EazyCity Ltd
    • All contractors and people working on behalf of EazyCity Ltd

    It applies to all data that the company holds relating to living individual, even if that information technically falls outside of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. This can include:

    • Name of individuals
    • Postal addresses
    • Email addresses
    • Telephone numbers
    • Plus, any other information relating directly or indirectly to individuals
    • Everyone who works for or with EazyCity Ltd has responsibility for ensuring data is collected, stored and handled appropriately.
    • Each team that handles personal data must ensure that it is handled and processed in line with company policy and data protection principles.

Please see a copy of our data policy here.


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