Homestay accommodation abroad

The homestay accommodation option has always been the best way to learn a new language as you combine both an English Course and real life practice conversing at home with your Dublin host family.  

All Dublin homestays are located in residential areas just outside Dublin centre but are well connected by bus or tram (luas, dart)  and are easily accessible by walking distance. All our families offer half board (breakfast and dinner) from Monday to Friday and full board on weekends. Full board is also available.

During your whole stay, you will however be free to use the kitchen (to make yourself a tea or coffee), lounge with TV, washer/dryer, WiFi and more. 

Homestay in Dublin

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Single Room: €250.00 per person per week (bills included - half board)
Twin Shared: €250.00 per person per week (bills included - half board)
Double Room: €250.00 per person per week (bills included - half board)
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Dublin ‘live abroad’ study and work options

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Get rid of any difficulty when studying and working abroad, starting from your choice of accommodation

Studying and working abroad for a certain period of time, especially when young, can be very expensive. One of the best ways you can save money is by choosing the right accommodation for you.. In fact, opting for the homestay accommodation option allows you to combine saving some money with many other advantages.

Our team of experts will help you do just that! They will assign you one of our Dublin host family that suits you, taking into account the smallest details, such as any intolerance or allergies you may have, the type of accommodation and room you prefer, the household composition, the downtown district and more. 

Moreover, choosing to live with a host family requires you to speak the local language daily in order to communicate with them. You will strive to do your best when speaking the local language while simultaneously adapting to the different culture and lifestyle of the new country you’re living in… and the mix of these two things will surely make your experience abroad more formative and enjoyable!  

Homestay accommodation abroad: the best cultural exchange experience

Getting out of your comfort zone is challenging but essential. Moving to another country is the best way to do that, whether you’re vacating, working or studying. It allows you to grow on different levels learning about others, their customs and traditions. 

While taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, you will have to learn about different cultures and adjust while abroad. Living with a host family abroad is admittedly the best cultural exchange experience you could have, one that you’ll never forget!  

Moreover, when you live in a foreign country, away from your family, you can experience difficult moments and feel a bit homesick. Living with a host family will make these moments more tolerable: they’ll be like your second family while living abroad. You will receive a warm welcome and they’ll make you feel part of the family

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