Commitment to Quality

As our commitment to you as an EazyCity tenant and through listening to previous tenants feedback we offer the below quality assurance guarantee:

1) All EazyCity property receives a deep and professional cleaning at least once a month. A detailed schedule is available in each property highlighting when this will take place.

2) Regular inspections take place to ensure that your stay is comfortable and that all appliances are in good working order. All household requests will be considered and fulfilled where possible to improve your stay.

3) A dedicated customer service and maintenance team is available to contact by e-mail for any query you may have with a guaranteed response time of within 24-48 hours with a solution.

These guarantees have been put in place to ensure your comfort, well-being and satisfaction as an EazyCity tenant. We promise to fulfil the above and we are happy to speak to you in relation to these should you have any queries.

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