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Scritto da Enrico Zoppi

1. Leggi l'e-mail qui sotto in cui chiedi aiuto a un altro dipartimento nella tua azienda. Esercitati a migliorare le tue capacità di lettura.

TO:James Forrester
DATE6 November
SUBJECTPossible help with product design

Dear James,

As you know, we have been working on the new perfume that we are launching in April and we are unsure about some of the packaging details. We have seen some of your creative work in the sales department and we think you have a very good eye for detail.

Do you have some time before close of business this Friday to sit down with us and talk through some of our designs? We would truly appreciate your advice on this. It shouldn't take longer than two hours of your time and we would be happy to clear it with Patricia, your department head, if necessary.

Best regards,

Sarah Ford

Head of Department
Product Design

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