Self Check-IN

How does your Self Check-IN work?

  1. Fill out the form below to complete the self check-in procedure
  2. You will then receive an email with our accommodation agreement and self-check in arrival instructions
  3. Please review the email in detail and in particular the instructional video which details the self-check in using the EazyCity key safe boxes
  4. 2 – 3 days in advance of your arrival you will receive your property address and room details via email from our team
  5. On arrival you will complete the self- check in as per the instructional video sent to you by our team
  6. We can always provide assistance if there are any issues during your self -check and are contactable via our emergency number.
  7. All rooms are prepared with pillow, duvet, sheets and covers in advance of arrival
  8. Information such as wifi code, refuse collection date etc is located on the property board in the common area; ensure you take time to review all this information
  9. You are invited to visit our office to meet our team in the following days if you have some free time

Thank you for your booking!

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EazyCity Accommodation License Agreement


1.1  Accommodation must always be paid in advance or on the due date by credit card on our website or by bank transfer. Please note EazyCity operates a cashless payment policy and we accept payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer only.

1.2  Accommodation must be paid for in blocks of 4 weeks or more each time.

1.3  All licensees are required to provide a debit/credit card at the time of check-in.

1.4  EazyCity reserves the right to charge your debit/credit card for the total amount of accommodation fees due if said fees are more than 48 hours overdue. Late payment will incur penalties as follows: €5 per day penalty up to 3 days and €10 per day penalty thereafter.

1.5  Payments for accommodation stays are non-refundable except in the case where advance payment is made but the appropriate notice for check-out is given and an overpayment is calculated. Any overpayment will only be refunded once the check-out conditions have been met and the accommodation is found to be in a satisfactory condition. Overpayments will be refunded together with the security deposit less the check out fee. Please be advised that it may take up to 21 days after check out to receive your refund.

1.6  EazyCity reserves the right to amend accommodation fee rates at any time with 28 days’ notice provided to licensees via email/letter.

1.7  Please note that accommodation fees are calculated weekly and not monthly as EazyCity offers short/medium-term stays.

1.8  EazyCity Cork: If there are less than 7 nights at the end of a licensee’s stay, these nights will be charged at an individual rate of €25 per night (twin/double) and €30 per night (single). Studio Double Occupancy €35 per person per night, Studio Single Occupancy €50 per night (single).


2.1  A security deposit of €200 (or €100 if you have booked with an EazyCity partner agent) is required on arrival which will be refunded to you after the check-out less a €30 check-out fee, provided that 28 days’ notice of departure has been given and that the accommodation is in good order.

2.2  All licensees will be required to pay their security deposit by credit card.

2.3  All deposits for individual licensees will be refunded only by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Please note refunds via bank transfer or credit card are processed once per week by the EazyCity Accounts Dept. Please be advised that it can take up to 21 days from the date of check out to receive your deposit.


3.1  A 4-week minimum stay is required in all EazyCity accommodation.

3.2  Any legal proceedings arising from this agreement will be subject to Irish Law only

3.3  All licensees must provide a check out date upon arrival.

3.4  The maximum stay in EazyCity accommodation is 8 weeks.

3.5  If you wish to stay longer than 8 weeks, this should be discussed with EazyCity management at least 14 days prior to the end of the 8-week period. Any extension in stay, up to a maximum of 5 months is treated as a new booking and is subject to a booking fee and new booking procedure. Please note that a request for extension in stay is also subject to availability at the time of request and is not guaranteed.


4.1  28 days’ advance notice is the minimum requirement before departure. Failure to give at least 28 days’ notice may result in the loss of the licensee’s security deposit or part thereof.

4.2  On the day of check-out you are required to vacate your accommodation not later than 12.00. You are required to leave your keys on the bed in your room and a member of EazyCity staff will collect them.

4.3  Your security deposit will be returned to you by pre-agreed payment method provided that the room is clean and tidy and that there is no damage.

4.4  Please note that your security deposit or part thereof will not be returned if the accommodation is found in an unsatisfactory condition.


5.1  Parties are not permitted and noise must be kept to a minimum out of respect to other licensees and neighbours.

5.2  EazyCity operates a strict no-smoking policy in all of its properties. Any licensee smoking in an EazyCity property will incur a €50 fine. Any further breaches of this rule could result in cancellation of your stay with the loss of the security deposit or part thereof.

5.3  You are not permitted to move to another bedroom in your accommodation without first seeking permission from EazyCity. If we accept your request to move rooms/house, movement fee of €20 will apply.

5.4  It is not permitted to hang clothes on the windows/terraces.

5.5  It is not permitted to hang/stick anything to the internal/external walls of the property.

5.6  Food and drink supplies must not be consumed/stored in your bedroom.

5.7  Pets are not permitted at any time in EazyCity accommodation.

5.8  Keys are the responsibility of the licensee. The replacement of any keys lost/stolen/broken shall be at the cost of the licensee

5.9  Illegal drugs are not permitted to be kept or consumed on the premises. Possession/use of drugs will result in immediate notice to vacate with the loss of the security deposit and reporting of any such incidents to the relevant authorities.

5.10                 Aggression, intimidation, harassment and/or violence towards other licensees or members of EazyCity staff will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate cancellation of your stay with the loss of the security deposit.


6.1  Due to the ongoing nature of COVID-19 guests are not permitted to visit or stay overnight at EazyCity accommodation currently. 

6.2  We ask all licensees to respect social distancing guidelines as much as is reasonably possible within your accommodation. It is not currently permitted to congregate in groups in the common areas and we ask that you take turns using the common kitchen & living area.

6.3  In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 please ensure you clean the surfaces and door handles in the accommodation regularly with anti-bacterial cleaning spray.

6.4  Personal items including toiletries, toothbrushes, towels etc should not be stored in shared bathrooms. Please remove your personal items each time you are finished using the bathroom. We ask all licensees to clean down the bathroom surfaces using anti-bacterial cleaning spray after use.

6.5  If you are arriving into Ireland from abroad we require all licensees to adhere to the current National Public Health Guidelines relating to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Details of these can be found by visiting the following Irish government websites:

6.6  We require all licensees to download the Covid-19 Tracker App upon arrival into Ireland.

6.7  Should a licensee display symptoms of COVID-19 he/she is required to self-isolate immediately and contact the health authorities.

        7. SAFETY & SECURITY

7.1  Ensure all personal electrical items such as laptops, phones, hairdryers/ straighteners are unplugged after use/not left plugged in overnight or when you leave your room /house. Please note this in the interest of health and fire safety for you and other licensees.

7.2  EazyCity does not accept liability for any damage/loss of items from the licensee’s personal belongings.

7.3  All licensees are advised to have adequate insurance cover including laptop/device insurance.

7.4  EazyCity does not accept liability for any personal injury to any licensee or licensee’s invitee in an EazyCity property.

7.5  Licensees must keep entrance doors properly locked at all times. House/apartment security is the responsibility of the those staying in the property.

7.6  Licensees are to ensure house keys (bedroom and front door) are safe at all times. If your bedroom door/front door locks on closure please ensure you check that you have keys before leaving your room/house. If a licensee loses a key and a member of staff needs to attend, the following Call Out Fee will apply: After 6pm until 9am, during weekend and National Bank Holidays (€150 Cork)


8.1  It is the responsibility of each licensee to keep the house clean and in good order.

8.2  The common areas (Kitchen, Living Room, Bathrooms, and Corridors etc) must be kept clean at all times. Licensees who do not clean/keep the property clean may be issued a verbal/written warning. Repeated occurrences of not cleaning or not keeping the property in good order may result in the cancellation of the licensee’s stay by EazyCity with the full or partial loss of the security deposit.

8.3  EazyCity carries out regular scheduled inspections of all accommodation sites. Licensees will be informed of these inspections not less than 48 hours in advance.

8.4  You are required to report all maintenance issues to EazyCity as quickly as possible to allow for swift remedy.

8.5  EazyCity team members or third party maintenance technicians may have to enter the accommodation at short notice to remedy urgent maintenance issues. EazyCity will endeavour to give licensees as much notice as is reasonably possible before entering the accommodation.


9.1  Please be mindful of energy wastage. EazyCity promotes a green policy in all properties so please conserve the use of electricity, gas, heating and water. Licensees will be responsible for any overuse of energy resulting in excessive bills.

9.2  Waste collection and water rates are included in your rent. It is the responsibility of all licensees to ensure that the waste is separated correctly for recycling / mixed waste / glass and that the bins are put out to the correct place for collection the night before the designated collection day every week. The bins must be brought back in the same day following the collection. All rubbish is to be placed inside the bin and not next to it. A fine of €20 per licensee will be issued for allowing rubbish to build up in the vicinity of the property which could result in a City Council fine and/or sanitary issues. Please note that any fines received by Cork City Council in relation to rubbish at the accommodation will be the responsibility of the licensees.


EazyCity can be reached on our mobile number 00353 (0) 8792 58 106 at evenings and weekends in the case of emergency only. If unanswered please leave text message or voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Please make all other requests or comments by e-mail to [email protected].

In the interest of the comfort of all of our licensees EazyCity is entitled at any time to verify that the house rules are being respected.

Maintenance Form in case of House Maintenance: Cork ->

Any failure in respect of the above may result in a warning or notice to vacate from EazyCity accommodation and possible loss of the security deposit.

Thank you!

EazyCity Management

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