Check-in Procedure

Outside your accommodation, you will find a black lockbox either on the front door or just next to it.
In order to collect the keys for your property, you will need to watch the below video in order to understand how to use this box correctly. Please watch this video in full before attempting to collect the keys;

The code you need to enter to open the lockbox is 2486 – once you enter this code, you will need to pull down the black button at the top of the lockbox and pull it towards you in order to attain the keys from inside the box.

If you make an error (enter an incorrect digit) or you find that the box is not opening, you need to press the “reset” button at the bottom and start the process again. The reset button is just below the key numbers on the box.

This is shown in the video above and as long as you watch this, you will be aware on how to use the box.

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