Remote Internship FAQ

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We are super excited to present our NEW REMOTE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM!

What’s included in the Remote Internship Program?

  • Work Placement search and introduction to the company
  • Online meeting with a member of our team before your commencement day
  • EazyCity team’s support during your remote internship
  • Certificate of Attendance and Reference Letter

Would I be supervised by a Manager?

Yes, you can count on the mentoring and support of a Manager/Co-ordinator/Supervisor in your host company via online platforms. On your first day, the host company will provide you with all the information and tools you need to develop your work smoothly.

Also, our team will be available during the 8-12 weeks duration of your remote internship for any questions or doubts you might have, and to make sure your internship objectives are met.

When can I start my Remote Internship Program?

At your earliest convenience. Companies are looking for candidates to start as soon as possible in Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain, so the sooner the better!

What are the requirements?

We don’t want to overcomplicate the process in this current situation, we just want to make it simple for you. Below, you will find the requirements for the Remote Internship, but more importantly, if you have any questions about them please contact our Advisors and they will help you to understand if you are suitable for the positions!

  • Minimum language level B1 – English or Spanish depending on the country
  • Commitment required for a minimum period of 8/12 weeks
  • Previous experience and/or studies in the field are appreciated
  • Use of your own computer or laptop

How do I start?

Immediately if you want, fast and easy!


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