EazyCity Statement - Covid-19

25 Feb

Updated: 17/03/2020

Due to the new measures put in place by the Irish government to close all schools and their recommendation to limit all social contact we have taken the decision to close our offices to the public from next Monday 16th March until 29th March inclusive. Your EazyCity team will remain fully operational during normal business hours throughout this period.

EazyCity Management understand the concerns our clients and we are all facing in this current unprecedented situation across the world.

As of 17th of March the Republic of Ireland now has 223 cases of coronavirus.  All patients are in medical isolation and receiving the best care. People most at risk are elderly and those with underlying medical conditions; please note in the majority of cases the symptoms are mild. The Irish Government and Ireland’s Health Service Executive have stated the risk of contracting the virus is low to moderate.

The health and safety of our staff,  partners, host families and clients is our priority so with that in mind we are asking all upcoming arrivals in advance of departure for Ireland to declare whether they have visited any of the high risk areas as listed on the government website  https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/472f64-covid-19-coronavirus-guidance-and-advice/ ,or whether they have been in close contact with anyone from the high risk areas. We are asking all current tenants to be mindful of the travel restrictions in place and to respect these for the health and safety of all clients.

Please ensure you refer to the Irish Government and Health Service Executive links as you will find daily updates on the current situation in Ireland:




We will continue to closely monitor the Government and HSE information on a daily basis and update you on any policy changes.